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Taco Night

Please mark your calendar for this delicious meal until October.

Buy Candy Year-Round

The Community Center now has the availability to offer See’s Candy sales year around. Just click the link Year Round Candy Sales

Candy is shipped directly to your friends and family out of town or next door with zero hassle!! Never miss a opportunity to send ‘sweet’ greetings! Orders of $75.00 or more get free shipping!!

Please share with friends, family and neighbors with our THANKS for your continued support of the Community Center and our See's Candy events.

If you have any questions feel free to call, text or email Diana at (916)803-6861 or .

Thank you for the support!


Room rental are now available for all 4 of our rooms.  Plan your event for Birthdays, Weddings, Receptions, Special events, Celebrations of Life, Town Hall Meetings, Club, groups or business meeting rooms, etc.  Contact Julie Kelly at for the present time. for rental availability and information.   

Wanted: Volunteers

The PPCCCA is growing by leaps and bounds and is ALWAYS looking for great volunteers to help out for all the dinners, events, and activities. We are looking for volunteers for:

Office Help

See's Candy Sales

and other events

If you are interested, please call 647-8005 or stop by the Center.

Red Cross Evacuation Center

The Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center is a certified Red Cross Evacuation Center and will be open for all local and neighboring residents within minutes after being notified by Red Cross of an emergency. The Community Center office phones will be available to receive telephone calls from family members and friends that may be unable to contact their loved ones by other means or to receive evacuation status and updates. The Red Cross and the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center are both dedicated to providing all residents with a safe and secure haven during an emergency.

The PPCCCA local phone number is: (530)647-8005 and the physical address is: 2675 Sanders Drive, Pollock Pines. (near the Post Office, Campora and the Bowling Alley) If a telephone recorded message is received, all messages will be returned as soon as possible or as soon as the requested information is obtained. If additional phone numbers become needed, those contact phone numbers will be posted on this website as soon as available.

Community Center is now the PG&E Resource Center during PSPS

The Community Center beginning June 1st through December 31st, is now the Pollock Pines and surrounding areas PG&E’s Resource Center during their Public Safety Power Shutoff days(PSPS). People will be able to bring in their cell phones, laptops, plug in their oxygen concentrators, or portable dialysis machines or whatever they may need electricity for during the blackouts. PG&E will provide water and some snacks while they are using or charging their devices. The Resource Center will be available in the main dining room during the event, however when the power is restored, the Resource Center will go dark until the next PSPS event. During the PSPS event, the PPCCCA will become an essential facility to legally allow gatherings exceeding 10 people. However, if the Covid-19 mandates are still in place, once the power is restored the PPCCCA will return to the mandates imposed by the State, until the next PSPS event.

Free Farmers Markets

The new hours are 11:00am - 1:00pm on the Second Wednesday of the month at the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center, 2675 Sanders Drive, Pollock Pines. For questions, please call (530)647-8005.This is a FREE FEED EL DORADO Farmer’s Market Food Giveaway Program. Here is a flyer with the all of the locations.


County Services

Senior Nutrition Program

The El Dorado County Senior Nutrition Program is now using the Community Center as its location for lunch services in Pollock Pines. Lunch is served from 12-12:30 Monday through Friday. Suggested donation is $3.00 for adults 60 years or older. People under 60 and even children are welcome to come to the luncheons. The requested donation is $5 per person.

Check this page for menu details. To download the menu information you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at:

El Dorado Irrigation District

EID is hiring for positions at Sly Park Recreation Area. Check out the flyer for details.

Expired Medication Drop off Location

Whenever we busy people find time to clean out our homes, it's a good idea to check the medicine chest for expired medication. But where can you dispose of it? The location is no farther than your El Dorado County Sheriff's office at: 200 Industrial Dr. in Placerville. Pills are accepted, while other medical items may need to be confirmed with their office by calling: (530) 621-5655 during business hours.

Alert: It was recently learned that your prescriptions can also be considered hazardous waste and dropped off at 4100 Throwita Way, Placerville, CA on Friday - Sunday from 9:00 - 4:00 pm for free.

Senior Assistance Program for Vegetation Removal

For citizens in the county over 65 who are disabled, consider this program for establishing a defensible space around your property.

Use this link to register for assisstance

Pollock Pines Fire Safe Council

A fire can start anywhere in our community and for any reason, some set on purpose, by accident and a by force of nature. In Pollock Pines we have the American River canyon that poses a very large threat to our community if a fire were to start. The potential winds that could come up through the canyon with a fire could possibly reach Pony Express within hours.


Prepare with this Pre-Evacuation Checklist. Read this document to prepare for Wildfires.