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Wanted: Volunteers

The PPCCCA is growing by leaps and bounds and is ALWAYS looking for great volunteers to help out for all the dinners, events, and activities. We are looking for volunteers for:

Office Help

See's Candy Sales

and other events

If you are interested, please call 647-8005 or stop by the Center.

Rent The Center for Your Next Event


The Community Center has 4 various sized rooms and a commercial kitchen that is available for parties, meetings, seminars, weddings, receptions, memorials or most any occasion... we can accommodate you and your group. Print your flyer here.

To contact our Facility Coordinator, Joyce Harris at (530)417-1821 or to check availability, confirm prices and make your reservations. She will be happy to assist you to make your event a success!

Soup and Sandwich Supper

Enjoy a great Soup/Sandwich combo on the 2nd Friday in January, February and March. Check the calendar for exact dates. The flyer, along with small handout-size flyers, can be printed here. Cost is $8.00 per person. If cancelled due to weather, check for the 3rd Friday. In April, watch for our Taco Fiesta Night.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Get ready to paint the town green! Dinner will be the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage with all the normal side dishes and a few “American” additions. The music will be by DJ Norm Hammond of Hammond’s Hits from Placerville and the No Host bar will feature Green Beer, Green Margaritas, Bailey’s Irish Coffee and domestic and imported beer and wine. Cost is $15 per person and is from 3-6pm on March 15th. Funds to support the Wagon Train, coming up on June 5th. Print the flyer for details.

Taco Night

Our Taco Night is coming up soon. Check the dates on the flyer and plan to attend on the second Friday of the month. Menu includes: Enchilada Casserole, Hard & Soft shell Tacos with Pork, Chicken, Beef or Fish, Nachos, Beans and Rice and Taco Salad. Adult tickets are $8.00 and children are $5.00.

See's Candy Sales

Watch for the Candy Wagon at the Pollock Pines Safeway parking lot. Our sales will be: April 3rd to 12th for Easter; May 1-10 for Mother's Day. Hours are available on our calendar.

Bingo Tuesday Night

Bingo every Tuesday and everyone is welcome. Check out our Bingo page for more information.

Interact Community Breakfast

Our first breakfast of the year is Saturday Sept. 14th. The funds from this breakfast will go to the Hurricane Dorian victims, so plan to attend! Here is our flyer for future breakfasts.

County Services

Senior Nutrition Program

The El Dorado County Senior Nutrition Program is now using the Community Center as its location for lunch services in Pollock Pines. Lunch is served from 12-12:30 Monday through Friday. Suggested donation is $3.00 for adults 60 years or older. People under 60 and even children are welcome to come to the luncheons. The requested donation is $5 per person.

Check this page for menu details. To download the menu information you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at:

Expired Medication Drop off Location

Whenever we busy people find time to clean out our homes, it's a good idea to check the medicine chest for expired medication. But where can you dispose of it? The location is no farther than your El Dorado County Sheriff's office at: 200 Industrial Dr. in Placerville. Pills are accepted, while other medical items may need to be confirmed with their office by calling: (530) 621-5655 during business hours.

Alert: It was recently learned that your prescriptions can also be considered hazardous waste and dropped off at 4100 Throwita Way, Placerville, CA on Friday - Sunday from 9:00 - 4:00 pm for free.

Senior Assistance Program for Vegetation Removal

For citizens in the county over 65 who are disabled, consider this program for establishing a defensible space around your property.

Use this link to download your application for assistance.

Pollock Pines Fire Safe Council

A fire can start anywhere in our community and for any reason, some set on purpose, by accident and a by force of nature. In Pollock Pines we have the American River canyon that poses a very large threat to our community if a fire were to start. The potential winds that could come up through the canyon with a fire could possibly reach Pony Express within hours.


Prepare with this Pre-Evacuation Checklist. Read this document to prepare for Wildfires.



The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program is a nationwide program that educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may effect their area. CERT training includes basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and urban rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations.

During a major disaster local authorities may be overwhelmed. CERT members are trained to assist others in their neighborhood or workplace when professional responders are not immediately available to help. Their skills can help save and sustain lives until help arrives.

CERT can also assist with non-emergency community events. CERT members have been used to distribute disaster education material, provide standby medical aid and direct traffic at parades, community cleanup and other events.

In El Dorado County CERT training is coordinated through the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services (OES). For more information contact Deputy Jordan Thomson (530) 621-7660, .

Pollock Pines CERT was formed in Oct. 2006. Our meetings are held at the Pollock Pines Camino Community Center the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Visitors are welcome. Contact Bob Todd at for more information.