2013 has been a very good year for the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center Association. In addition to all our regular activities, we have added several new events.

Under the direction of Darrel Moore and Annabelle King, this year’s See’s Candy Sales were very successful.

Through the efforts of Joyce Harris, our Facilities Coordinator, there has been a significant increase in rental of the Center.

The bread giveaway has had its peaks and valleys during the year. We have gone from having more bread, dairy and bakery items than we could distribute to not having enough for those in need. We are grateful to Safeway for what they provide.

Due to the small collection of food from the Post Office this year, our supply has been low at times. The Food Closet is looking much better thanks to the generous donations of food and money from CEDAPP this past November.

Through Bruce Risley’s efforts, the back of our building has been painted; and trees that could damage our building were removed.

With help from PG&E and a generous donation from Joann Ricks, we have been able to complete a major upgrade to the interior lighting of the entire building. Not only is there more light (to the point of needing sunglasses), there is significant savings on our electric bill.

The Center received memorial donations in the names of Mike Johnson and Paul King. Those donations were used to purchase well-needed kitchen items and to complete the table and chair set-up in Room One.

New Year’s Eve Bingo continues to be a very popular way to spend the holiday. For the first time in several years, we have enjoyed an increase in our weekly bingo attendance. Once in a while there is a bad night, but here are also some really good nights. Overall, the average attendance is up to 10 to 12 players a week. We look forward to continued improvement next year.

Our regular free community dinners continue to be popular well-attended events. We had a complete Easter meal plus a visit from the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs. Sam Martin, our chef, prepared an excellent Thanksgiving meal. There were many compliments on his efforts. Sam will also prepare this year’s Christmas dinner.

In April, we started monthly Friday Night Taco Dinners. With Sam Martin cooking and overseeing the kitchen and Alaina Bosold the bar, the monthly event exceeded our expectations. Paid attendance each month was as high as 160+. Most returned each month. We are already making plans for next year.

Another new event this year was the Antique Show produced by Bruce Risley. The event was very well received and attended, especially since this was the first year.

The Dogwood Garden Club held their first Christmas Craft Show at the Center during November. Every crafter in the show said they would be back next year. The Center sold soup and sandwiches during the event. Sam prepared soups from scratch. Customers were buying cartons of soup to take home!

Under the direction of Alaina Bosold and Fran Duchamp, the Halloween celebration returned to the Center. It was very successful, especially considering it had not been at the Center for a few years, and was being run by people who had not been with the Center when it was last held there. The adults enjoyed themselves as much as the children and are looking forward to next year.

In the name of Paul King and the King family, Annabelle King is in the process of donating the piece of property going from the end of the garden to the drop off area (approximately ¾ acre) to the Center. It is anticipated this will be completed by the end of the year. The Center will have an extra area for parking when needed for an event, or an area to hold an event.

In closing, I want to express my appreciation for the most active dedication group of volunteers and members I have seen since the Community Center opened years ago.

2013 was great and 2014 looks to be even better.

Richard H. Coffin